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Our people

David Craib
Creative Director

David was born in Montreal and studied corporate communications at Ontario College of Art in Toronto.

David is the founder of Parable Communications and the overseer of the creative and strategic work within the studio.

In his spare time (of which he has none) David studies visual communication theory and restores vintage motorcycles.

Communications Consultant

Mary was born in Ottawa and studied at Algonquin College.

She has been the Communications Consultant at Parable since 1996, managing all projects from start to finish.

Mary is Italian and all her relatives named Paulie and Carmine have nothing to do with the fact that when she says 'jump' we say 'how high?'

Graphic Designer

Peter grew up in Labrador and studied at The Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Halifax.

As a senior designer at Parable, Peter works on a variety of projects from concept development through to production.

When not staring at his computer, Peter stares at his TV. His greatest love? His PVR. No, wait. His son. Son first, PVR second. Okay wife second, PVR third. But it's very close.