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Fuelling Progress

Canadian Gas Association

Parable created various marketing materials for the Canadian Gas Association’s 100th anniversary, including this hardcover book. Parable worked with the book writer and researcher to create a coffee table book, told in chronological chapters, that wove the fascinating history of how gas exploration and technologies played a key role in the development of power generation in Canada.

Breaking New Ground

Defence Construction Canada

Parable helped DCC mark their 60th anniversary with Breaking New Ground, a hardcover book overviewing 60 years of business. The book unfolded chronologically, featuring personal accounts of employees, seamlessly integrated into the Crown corporation’s history.

A Cultural History of the Nurse's Uniform

Canadian Museum of History

A Cultural History of the Nurse’s Uniform is a 270-page illustrated book, showcasing the evolution of the nurse’s uniform over a 100+ year span. Featuring over 150 photographs of nurses in working environments, nurse’s uniforms and period advertising, this book illuminates the change from strict workplace attire, to feminine expression, within the largest health care workforce.

Celebrating Our Voices

Elmwood School

Elmwood School – one of the top private schools in Canada, helps girls to become lifelong innovative learners. Elmwood’s yearbook, Celebrating Our Voices, gave both face and voice to Elmwood’s exceptional alumni and students.



The Canadian Media Producers Association launched Indiescreen, an industry magazine, to overview all forms of Canadian on-screen productions. Indiescreen also incorporated pertinent interviews with experts in the field, from actors to producers, and industry statistics and facts.

Ottawa Citizen Style

Ottawa Citizen Style magazine is the national capital’s source for fashion, lifestyle, design and culinary trends.

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