Defence Construction Canada
Building and managing construction for Canada

Annual Reports

Strengthening Relationships


In 2008 Defence Construction Canada challenged Parable to help them completely reimagine their annual report, to bring it to the top level of Crown corporation annual reporting in Canada. The result was the DCC/ Parable team’s first of three CPA Awards, Canada’s top annual report award. Shown below, Strengthening Relationships, Parable’s third annual report for DCC, won them their second CPA Reporting Award.

Built Through Experience


Built Through Experience was another CPA Reporting Awards top award winner. As the judges noted, “by showcasing projects past and present, to demonstrate how Defence Construction Canada has been serving government and industry since 1951, the report provides readers with a good understanding of the organization, its history, market and industry.

Commemorative Book

Breaking New Ground

Parable helped DCC mark their 60th anniversary with Breaking New Ground, a hardcover book overviewing their 60 years of business. The book unfolded chronologically, featuring personal accounts of employees seamlessly integrated into the Crown corporation’s history.


Parable worked with DCC’s human resource department to show, through a series of bilingual posters, how DCC employees make a difference through their work. The posters were conceived to highlight facts showing DCC’s successes and to feature stories describing how employee contributions make DCC succeed.

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