Royal Canadian Mint
Producer of Canada's coins

Annual Reports

Breaking Tradition


The Royal Canadian Mint manufactures coins for Canada and the world, also offering collector coins and precious metal bullion coins and bars. In 2012 Parable launched the Mint’s new visual brand through its annual report – Breaking Tradition – featuring their new logo die-cut into the report cover.

Global Leadership


The Mint’s 2013 annual report focused on their global activities. With a cover image of Shanghai, China, this was the first Mint annual report to feature a non-Canadian destination on its cover.

Tomorrow's Mint


The 2014 annual report, Tomorrow’s Mint (La Monnaie de demain) looked towards the future of minting, and the actions the Mint was taking to create a stronger, future-oriented corporation. Designed with the flavour of classic magazines such as Life magazine, this report featured the employees, processes, products and technologies that power the Mint.

Annual Reports


The 2015-2018 annual reports followed a consistent, strongly-branded style reflecting the new direction of the Mint.

Online magazine

Inside Minting online magazine

The online magazine Inside Minting was aimed at the international base of Mint stakeholders and customers, interested in keeping up with minting trends, innovation and Royal Canadian Mint business activities. Parable handled the design, development, launches, distribution and web analytics of each magazine.

Inside Minting video tour. View the structure and components of the online magazine.

Inside Minting Banner Ads. Each edition of Inside Minting was preceded by an email campaign and web banner ads, designed to build interest in upcoming issues.


100th Anniversary Logo

Parable created a logo marking the Royal Canadian Mint’s 100th anniversary, featuring 1908 and 2008 pennies.

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